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Pesticide Services

Eliminate pesky pests!

We take preventative matters seriously when it comes to protecting your home and yard from insects.

Did you know that inorganic mulch (made from non-living materials) attracts pests? It creates a humid habitat because it draws moisture. Mulch also offers a cool respite from the sun. We recommend you use organic mulch (made from a substance that was once alive) to help naturally prevent harmful insects from your garden while making it a safer place for helpful insects.

Licensed Pesticide Applicators

Our sister company, Miller Tree Service, is licensed for pesticide application for insect and disease control in plants in the landscape and lawn, as well as weed control in plant beds, lawns, and external ornamental plantings. We will customize a pesticide plan that works for your landscape and family.

Right-of-Way Areas

Miller Tree Service is also licensed for weed control treatment of roadsides, utilities, railroads, non-croplands, fence lines, structural perimeters, or other similar right-of-way areas.

License #24057.