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Dyed mulch and undyed are both triple shredded hardwood. The dyed will keep its color longer, as undyed tends to fade sooner.

Yes, so we advise our customers to lay down a tarp. Mulch needs to be put down in beds when no rain fall is predicted within twenty four hours.

Our mulch is sold by the cubic yard. If you have purchased mulch by the bag, that is roughly equivalent to nine (9) bags containing three (3) cubic feet of mulch. If you know the area in square feet of the location needing mulch, you can use the Materials calculator on this page or any of the individual Mulch product pages.

All wood can attract termites, but because mulch has considerably small pieces of wood, termites will most likely choose a different home.

No. Someone only needs to be home if you want your mulch dumped in a potentially problematic area. Otherwise, leaving a check to be picked up in a convenient location at the site where you would like your mulch and explaining where you would like your mulch dumped prior to delivery would be acceptable.

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks. Northwest Recycling, LLC is not responsible for any damage done to the property when dumping, nor for any citations or fines given. Please see our delivery release form.

Yes! Visit our store page for a complete list of sand, gravel, and stone products.

The equipment used on the materials dumped here are very expensive to run. Some materials are harder on the machines than others so they are more expensive to dump.

We do provide dumpster rentals. We will deliver and pick up a Roll Off container at a specified address. See our dumpster rental page for current pricing and restrictions.