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Based in Baltimore County, Maryland, Northwest Recycling LLC is a wood waste recycling facility and distributor of mulches, soils, compost, and other landscaping products.

Since 2003, our family-owned business has been providing mulch, topsoil, and other landscaping products for homeowners and landscape contractors from our spacious 24-acre facility.

We are also licensed to accept natural wood debris. This includes recycling including trees, bushes, limbs, and brush. Northwest Recycling takes all wood and yard waste from residents, landscape contractors and local tree companies.


Northwest recycles all waste into rich mulch along with our very organic and rich Topsoil and Leaf Compost. We offer two dyed mulch products: Black Mulch and Brown Mulch. Both are triple shredded and mixed with a dye for coloring. We also have a regular mulch which is shredded with no dye. You can also find nicely ground Bark Mulch and Triple Fines. All products are made here on site.

Homeowners, Landscape Companies, and State and County contractors deposit tree trimmings, wood chips, and clearing debris at our facility for recycling. This debris is ground into mulch and is available to be returned to the earth.

MDOT Minority Contractor Certification #20-227

Northwest Recycling is a Maryland Department of Transportation certified Minority Business Enterprise – Certification #20-227.